Why Did Duke Energy Contribute $12,000 to Tea Party Brad?


My research on Duke Energy's high pressure natural gas transmission pipeline proposed to run through many of the western neighborhoods of Congressional District 2, dug up some information useful to voters:



1. The incumbent, Tea Party Brad Wenstrup, has accepted $12,000 in campaign donations from Duke Energy. Source:


2. Tea Party Brad, and his fellow Republicans, are rated highly by the American Energy Alliance. Source:


3. The American Energy Alliance is a Koch-funded lobbying organization. Source:


4. On December 13, 2015 the Republicans in the U.S. House passed HR8 -- North American Energy Security and Infrastructure Act. Source:


5. HR8 Section 1115 (should be titled "We're Planning on Using the National Parks for Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines!") reads:

(Sec. 1115) The Mineral Leasing Act is amended to allow natural gas pipeline rights-of-way through all federally owned lands, including lands in the National Park System, except lands held in trust for an Indian or Indian tribe and lands on the outer Continental Shelf.

The Department of the Interior must: (1) identify and designate suitable federal lands as National Energy Security Corridors for construction, operation, and maintenance of natural gas transmission facilities; and (2) incorporate such Corridors into the relevant agency land use and resource management plans.

The governor of a state may request Corridors to be designated on federal land within that state. For purposes of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) neither the designation of a Corridor, nor its incorporation into agency plans, shall be treated as a major federal action subject to environmental impact evaluation. (my emphasis)

Is there a link between Duke Energy's campaign donations to Tea Party Brad totaling $12,000 and his subsequent vote FOR HR8?