USA Works! My Original Idea That Everyone Can Use


The USA is unlike any other country in the world--a melting pot of different cultures fueled by the indomitable spirit of its people, a wealth of natural resources, safe borders, and a government that is rooted in the idea of equality and opportunity for all. Lately our country seems to be taking the wrong road and the symptoms are evident in the behavior of its people. We are increasing polarized, fearful, and angry as war has injured and killed our youth, jobs have vanished, wages have stagnated, the divide between the very rich and the rest has widened to obscene proportions, and elected “public servants” seem to prioritize the needs of corporations and wealthy donors over the common good. Fearful citizens are increasingly swayed by demagoguery. But fear not! There are solutions...


The US consumer drives the US economy. A consumer's everyday choices have great power to create "living wage" USA jobs, stimulate innovation, assure a healthy global environment, and demand fair corporate taxation. In order to “vote” at point of purchase to place their dollars in the hands of corporations who meet their needs, each consumer needs information and inspiration.

Each product or service available for purchase in the USA should be labeled with a score that represents the “grades” corporations earn for domestic job creation/paying fair wages, use of domestic materials, environmental stewardship, equal pay for women and minorities, and paying their fair share of taxes. The algorithms that form the basis of the scores can be developed by experts in the Department of Labor, Environmental Protection Agency, and IRS to be incorporated into prominent labeling/bar codes/QR codes that are reported/enforced quarterly. This information can be used by the purchaser to support those companies that meet their needs. In addition, government contracts should be awarded to companies with high scores.