Track Record


  • Gynecologic Physician and Surgeon, managing her solo private practice since 1993, creating work-life balance for her employees, and promoting the health of women across southern Ohio. (She prematurely retired in 2011 due to the loss of use of her hands)
  • Volunteer Veteran Outreach Coordinator, Event planner, ACA Instructor, and Photographer for Team River Runner since 2010 using paddlesports as a recreational therapy tool for veterans afflicted with PTSD, severe physical disability, chronic homelessness and substance abuse
  • Activist/founder of the USA Works Community to return the balance of power to the people 
  • Founder of Tri-State Kayakers (now 3000+ members), introducing many women to a new sport
  • Team member of New Richmond Economic Development, developing "Walk New Richmond" 
  • Author/photographer of the Facebook blog "The CURE for Adventure Deficit Disorder" 

Dr. Janet's goal is to be an effective champion for the people of the Second District versus an incumbent who prioritizes his wealthy donors.

We the People deserve a seat at the Washington table so we can swing open the doors of opportunity for our health and wealth.                                                                                                                                                          

Please join Team Everhard to make Congress Blue Again and reserve a seat at the Washington table for the citizens of OH-2!

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