The History of My Write-In Campaign in 2016

Samuel_Adams_quote.jpgMy 2016 Write-In Campaign:

After the results of the 2016 primary election were published, progressives and moderates of Ohio Congressional District 2 were enraged! Once again, the obstructionist Tea Party incumbent Brad Wenstrup faced the "impostor Democrat" Pike County truck driver William R. Smith in the November 2016 General Election. Once again, the citizens of southern Ohio had no voice in Washington to address their urgent needs, and no chance to change that situation with their votes.

As a passionate supporter of progressive causes and taxpayer value and a long-time caregiver in the region, I voiced my concern. I waited for someone to step up to rectify the disenfranchisement. But no one did.


I had been developing the USA Works!, the Interstate Bikeway System, and Appalachian Made regional branding ideas to stimulate economic development and employment in Southern Ohio (and the USA). I hoped to get one or more of these plans legislated but with the present Congress gridlocked by special interest-bought politicians, that wasn't going to happen any time soon.

So, when fellow progressives and fiscal moderates suggested that if I wanted these ideas legislated I'd have to do it myself, I started talking with leaders and family about the daunting challenge of a write-in campaign. Apparently it was a David:Goliath scenario and I would only receive a tiny fraction of the vote. Still, I considered it a chance to reach out to the people of OH-2, educate voters about the entire Democratic slate of candidates, and sow the seeds for a successful 2018 campaign.