NOPE-Not in Our Backyard!

Gas_Explosion_jpeg.jpgCitizens in the western portion of Congressional District 2 have a fight on their hands and I will be joining forces. 

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"Officially called the Central Corridor Gas Pipeline Extension Project, this is a high-pressure natural gas transmission line, 30 inches in diameter, that runs between Norwood and Mason. Duke is hoping to build it next year, and is preparing its application with the Ohio Power Siting Board now.

How is this different from a regular gas line?


The gas lines that serve individual homes are typically just a few inches in diameter and do not operate at high pressures. A transmission line delivers large quantities of natural gas from one location to another at high pressures. Building it is a major undertaking, requiring at least a 30-foot clearing to bury it underground, and the potential for safety hazards is much higher. The San Bruno pipeline explosion in 2010, and last month's explosion near Pittsburgh, are examples of how high-pressure transmission lines can lead to serious injury and death. Duke now wants to run one of these pipelines through densely-populated residential areas--something it has never attempted to do before.

Where exactly will the pipeline be located?

Duke is currently considering three routes, all of which run through Blue Ash. Other affected areas include Evendale, Madeira, Kenwood, Sycamore Township, Amberley, Reading, Deer Park, and Silverton. Duke will soon eliminate one of the three routes, and propose the other two--one preferred, one alternate--in an application to the Ohio Power Siting Board.

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