Never, Ever Be a Pig


As a sensitive, book-loving girl growing up in Prairie Village, Kansas, I was influenced by a gruff attorney (turned registered Shorthorn breeder) named Howard--my grandfather. He taught me many things: never sign anything without reading, make friends with the bulls by having them (literally) eating a sorghum pellet out of my hand, and don't scratch my ear at a cattle auction. 

One thing Howard “don't call me Grandpa” always said was “you can be a bull, you can be a bear, but never, ever be a pig”. It took me a few years until I understood we weren't discussing farm animals but greed, that it was his gruff way of teaching me integrity despite difference of opinion. 


Perhaps I should teach my grandchildren that you can be a red elephant, you can be a blue donkey, you can be a green frog, but you should never, ever be a Trump. 

We tell the truth. 

We respect and care for our neighbors at home and around the world. 

We walk our talk. 

We tread lightly on our earth. 

We appreciate what our founding fathers originated and work together to create a more inclusive version. 

Elephants, donkeys, and frogs may disagree but should never, ever compromise their integrity and become a Trump.