26,759 Miles in OH-2

Throughout 2017 my ancient Ford gobbled up 26,759 miles across eight counties in southwestern Ohio as I took the pulse of We the People. From Cincinnati to Portsmouth and Chillicothe to Mt. Healthy, citizens' fear, anger, and puzzlement were universally palpable to me, a physician candidate for U.S. Representative in Ohio's 2nd District. I listened. Continue reading

I will fight for you!

I am Dr. Janet Everhard, running for U.S. Representative in Ohio's Second-to-None Congressional District. I'm your neighbor from New Richmond, Clermont County, although the district runs eight counties along the shores of freedom from Cincinnati to Portsmouth.  With a long track record of serving the district as a physician and volunteer to veterans, I want to fight for you in Washington! The incumbent votes over and over to leave hard-working families behind. I will fight for quality healthcare that we can all afford as patients and as taxpayers. He voted healthcare access down the drain. I will fund infrastructure projects, promote sustainable energy jobs, and ensure a living wage. He cut taxes for his billionaire donors. I will address the opiate epidemic and lifelong education affordability. He is playing politics with women’s health and gutting environmental protections. Currently the rich get richer and the national debt balloons as opportunity dims for our family's health, wealth, safety, and education. I say, We the People, for a Change!  

That Day

This is a pivotal time for our country, where in one day everything can change. Perhaps, as an individual, you've had "that day", after which nothing was the same again. Continue reading

We the People, for a Change

Tears welled up in my eyes as I pleaded with the voice mailbox at Senator Rob Portman's Washington D.C. office. With no town halls to express my views and full mailboxes at his Ohio offices, I'd finally connected. I poured out my soul, “Please don't take away the healthcare of We the People of Ohio. Every single one of us deserves access to affordable, quality healthcare. Every. Single. One."     Continue reading

The History of My Write-In Campaign in 2016

My 2016 Write-In Campaign: After the results of the 2016 primary election were published, progressives and moderates of Ohio Congressional District 2 were enraged! Once again, the obstructionist Tea Party incumbent Brad Wenstrup faced the "impostor Democrat" Pike County truck driver William R. Smith in the November 2016 General Election. Once again, the citizens of southern Ohio had no voice in Washington to address their urgent needs, and no chance to change that situation with their votes. As a passionate supporter of progressive causes and taxpayer value and a long-time caregiver in the region, I voiced my concern. I waited for someone to step up to rectify the disenfranchisement. But no one did.   Continue reading

What Do You Want From Your Representative?

What Do You Want from Your Representative? As I listen to citizens throughout the eight counties of the Second Congressional District, I've been trying to discern what traits, talents, or track record each person values in their elected officials. What do they want and do I have what it takes to truly earn their confidence? At a Labor Day picnic at Coney Island, a plaster and cement worker union member declared, “I want someone who worked with their hands.” Realizing he meant that the best representative for workers who sweat, toil, and wear out their bodies is another worker, I looked down at my ruined hands and replied, “Yes, as a surgeon I may have worked on peoples' insides instead of a plaster restoration. But I can relate.” Continue reading

Working Together to Make America Healthy Again

The citizens of the USA deserve life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and access to affordable quality healthcare.  But in an era of elected officials turning their backs on the healthcare needs of their constituents, your congressmen have devised a tax cut for the 1% of the 1% by trading-in the health of We the People. Under the Senate plan (made in secret by a committee of men who did not listen to citizen testimony, entertain debate, or consider alternatives) 22 million Americans will lose their health insurance and 50-64 year-olds will pay astronomical health care insurance premiums. As fairness, decency, empathy, and compassion have died, those with pre-existing conditions may too.    Continue reading

Evolution and Rebellion

Experts say that our worldview is shaped by our youthful experiences. As a child of the 60's this empathetic, eager-to please, hard-working daughter of a teacher and a salesman, hit the “born in the right place and time” lottery. A free-range Kansas kid, I explored my world with a shiny blue bike I'd purchased for $62 (many years of carefully saved Christmas and birthday checks) and with a reading perch up in the pine tree, devouring my library books. When I came down to earth, I viewed real life drama through my black and white TV. It showed me a world of racial injustice, war, assassinations of beloved leaders, and, eventually, a moon landing.   Continue reading

Plain and Simple Fear

    The people of southwestern Ohio are afraid. “I'm scared to death I'll lose my healthcare” lamented a 62-year old woman in Mt. Adams last evening. I hear the same concern in the voices of citizens in Amberley Village, Silverton, Anderson Township, Madeira, Milford, New Richmond, Georgetown, West Union, Hillsboro, Chillicothe, Waverly, and Portsmouth. Across Congressional District 2 everyone I meet tells me their story. The central theme of their stories is fear.  As a retired physician caring for the people of southwestern Ohio since 1989, I center myself with an open mind and heart, listening for the “heartbeat” of the person and her community. Identifying the problem and seeking a cure is what I've always practiced as a physician and continue to do as a private citizen and political candidate.  If we take the time to listen, what do the people of our district say?     Continue reading

Networking Works!

                                                                                                                    One of the benefits of our 2016 Write-in campaign was meeting kindred spirits all over the second Congressional District. As I traveled throughout the eight counties I was welcomed with open arms. Every Democratic meeting or fundraiser felt like a family reunion! Recently, that networking paid off in the fight against disenfranchisement. The source of disenfranchisement in the district has been the combination of a "phantom" candidate William R Smith and Democratic voters who are not aware they are being hoodwinked by him. But something incredible happened through the work of friends in Clermont, Ross, and Pike counties.                                                                    Continue reading