Let's Talk Massacre Prevention


Guns are important to the citizens of District 2. They pride themselves on responsible gun ownership. They are educated in the safe use and safe storage of their weapons, locking up their guns and ammunition separately, to keep their children safe. They are law-abiding people who wish to protect their homes and harvest the overpopulation of deer for their dinner table. 

These responsible gun owners also harbor a fear that someone wants to take their guns away. Rest assured that “someone” is not me. 

I do want to promote an entirely different agenda-- Massacre Prevention. How do we pull the plug on senseless mass shootings? Every week there seems to be a headline from somewhere in the USA. Another strange young man or self-described terrorist has pulled the semi-automatic trigger and massacred children, theater patrons, students, marathoners... any assembly du jour. The pit of our collective stomachs drops again, and again, and again...

When the authorities search the evidence, there were always clues. Family members, aquaintances, or health professionals sensed the danger signals. The pattern is pretty clear to the concerned observer—these are not socially connected females but typically “lone wolf” young males. Using our common sense, we can collectively make some simple changes that could make a difference. Can we agree on these common sense measures? 

  1. Name on NO FLY list = no gun or ammunition purchase 

  2. No private or internet sales without a background check. Just as we re-title a car whan a sale is made, an authorized gun dealer can handle the private sale transfer and perform the proper procedures. 

  3. Fund research to learn how to identify which psychopaths will act out. Educate health professionals and the general public about the signs. Establish a hotline that concerned citizens could utilize. Suspend HIPAA in certain cases, just as we do for child abuse reporting, so that health professionals can report their findings.

  4. Fund research to find ways to improve gun safety. Perhaps it is finger print trigger locks. Perhaps changing brain circuitry by youngster's daily video game killing spree is a bad practice. Let's make policy based on scientific evidence! 
  5. Weapons of war should not be in the hands of civilians.
  6. Let's take “gun control” off the table and put “Massacre Prevention” on the agenda.