Let's Get Down to the Nitty-gritty

A week or so back, I questioned folks attending the Clermont County fair, “how's the election going for you?” You can imagine the variety of answers I received from suburban professional women and rural hog farmers. Although their political priorities differed (protection of women's rights vs protection of 2nd amendment rights), I sensed that deep down, when you got down to the nitty-gritty, those folks were very much the same. 


When the political rhetoric is washed away, I think we all value the same things. We value good health. We value freedom to plan our lives according to our own beliefs. We want our children to have every door open and a village to help them realize their best potential. We want clean air and water and realize we must tread lightly on the earth. We want to feel secure in an often frightening world; food security, job security, national security, advanced age security. We want our hard work to reap rewards. 

I also heard fear and confusion from the fair attendees when they opened up about political views. They realized that in attempting to vote certain values, they had been duped by the politicians they put into office. Many in Congress had been bought by special interests and the richest of the rich. The political party they had supported, and their parents and grandparents had supported, had taken a sharp right turn and left them in the dust. 

Ohio 2nd Congressional District is a large swath of southern Ohio from Mt. Healthy in Hamilton county to Portsmouth in Scioto county. On the surface it would appear that the folks in the heavily populated western suburbs would have very different needs from those in the sparsely populated eastern counties. But deep down we are very much the same. We are on the same team, better together as we sweep the corrupt from Congress. 

Think values.