I will fight for you!


I am Dr. Janet Everhard, running for U.S. Representative in Ohio's Second-to-None Congressional District. I'm your neighbor from New Richmond, Clermont County, although the district runs eight counties along the shores of freedom from Cincinnati to Portsmouth.  With a long track record of serving the district as a physician and volunteer to veterans, I want to fight for you in Washington! The incumbent votes over and over to leave hard-working families behind. I will fight for quality healthcare that we can all afford as patients and as taxpayers. He voted healthcare access down the drain. I will fund infrastructure projects, promote sustainable energy jobs, and ensure a living wage. He cut taxes for his billionaire donors. I will address the opiate epidemic and lifelong education affordability. He is playing politics with women’s health and gutting environmental protections. Currently the rich get richer and the national debt balloons as opportunity dims for our family's health, wealth, safety, and education.

I say, We the People, for a Change!