Frugality-Nature or Nurture?

I believe we declare ourselves early in life. At a tender age we are empathetic or self-absorbed, intensely curious or relaxed "go with the flow", highly sensitive or rough and tumble, collaborative or fiercely competitive, creative or analytical, a saver or a spender.



Born Janet Schulz, an empathetic, curious, sensitive, and beloved daughter of a Methodist reading teacher and a Mormon salesman. I was a free-range kid, growing up in suburban Kansas City with excellent public education and a care-free, middle-class life where frugality and hard work were valued. I was a saver, carefully banking my birthday and Christmas money for years until I could buy my 3-speed Schwinn for $62. My grandfather taught me to “be a bull, or a bear, but never, ever a pig”.

Whatever the cause of my frugality, I live within my means and expect our elected officials to do the same. Watching for waste/fraud, eliminating or streamlining unnecessary/outdated programs, achieving better price negotiation, plus raising money through taxation of traded securities, elimination of certain deductions/loopholes for the wealthy, encouraging good corporate tax citizenship, and getting folks back to work should help the USA balance its budget.