How Did I Become a Frugal?

My life mission of caring for others is more complex than my resume suggests.

The resume version is a career as a Gynecologic Physician and Surgeon (retired due to over-use injury of both hands), activist/founder of the USA Works Community, volunteer Veteran Outreach Coordinator and photographer for Team River Runner, and frequent care-giver to my elderly parents and the four coolest grandkids on the planet! The in-depth version will give you the real insight as to my ideas, passions, and biases that will influence my work on your behalf. 

I believe we declare ourselves early in life. At an early age we are empathetic or self-absorbed, intensely curious or relaxed "go with the flow", highly sensitive or rough and tumble, collaborative or fiercely competitive, creative or analytical, a saver or a spender. These original traits are then etched by defining experiences resulting in the final blueprint of our adult years. Examining our life journey helps to define the origin our our passions and better predict the future decisions we will make.  

Born Janet Schulz, an empathetic, curious, sensitive, intelligent, and beloved daughter of a Methodist reading teacher and a Mormon salesman. I was a free-range kid, growing up in suburban Kansas City with excellent public education and a care-free, middle-class life where frugality and hard work were valued. I was a saver, carefully banking my birthday and Christmas money until I could buy my 3-speed Schwinn for $62. My grandfather taught me to “be a bull, or a bear, but never, ever a pig”.