A Full Heart

My heart is full of emotion after attending the Black Family Reunion at Sawyer Point yesterday. It was a powerful gathering of love and hope. I attended to help register voters and to spread the word of my write-in candidacy. The people who shared a bit of their time with me asked some very profound questions:

“Why do we see candidates before the elections but never afterwards?” Indeed.




Why do the 713,000 citizens of Congressional District 2 have no active relationship with their congressman? I guess Tea Party Brad is too busy obstructing progress in Washington. Gridlock is evidently hard work with no time for anyone but the rich and well-connected. 

“What do you think about the Black Lives Matter movement and what would you do about it?” I answered from my heart—that if I had a black son I would be afraid. Although police relations is typically the job of more local government, civil rights has always been part of my personal agenda. It was born when, as a young girl, I watched other girls my same age, on my TV, walking to their new school escorted by the National Guard. Those brave girls have “walked” with me my entire life and as I write legislation, will be part of my motivation.

“You mean when I voted for Democratic candidates without doing my research I was fooled?” I explained over and over again that William R. Smith has been running as a Democrat since 2008, once garnering more than 100,000 votes. No campaigning, no website, no profile on the League of Women Voters list, no endorsement by the Democratic Party. Smith, a truck driver from Pike County with a generic name and a disdain for Democrats, has been duping voters who vote their party in hopes for a progressive voice in Washington. Instead, Tea Party Brad wins and taxpayer time and money is wasted in gridlock and obstruction. 

I explained that I was the write-in candidate for the 2nd Congressional District against the Tea Party incumbent and the the Non-Democrat who hijacks the progressive vote year after year. That its time to say “NO!” That's it time to have a Progressive voice in Washington (and at least five constituent relations people working in the home district). 

I asked folks if they would write-in my name when early voting starts October 12, 2016 at their Board of Elections. I asked if they would share the story with their family and friends on social media, as that is the only hope I have of challenging the Tea Party incumbent and the “Democrat” imposter. Virtually everyone I asked showed me warmth and enthusiasm, shook my hand, and wished me well. And if they write-in my name and encourage friends to do the same, a true progressive will win this November! 

One comment brought tears to my eyes at the time and still occupies my thoughts. When I asked one older woman if she was registered to vote, she replied, “Yes, I am registered. People died to give me the vote.”