A Declaration of Independence from Health Insurance Companies and Big Pharma


When in the course of human events it becomes obvious that health care delivery in the US is inequitable, inefficient, and unsustainable, its time to dissolve the power of the health insurance companies and Big Pharma. 


Why are employers responsible for health insurance? Stagnant wages, part-time scheduling, and hiring freezes, anyone? 

Why does the US pay more for healthcare than other developed countries? Massive duplication of effort, high prices, and lack of negotiation, anyone? 

Why, despite the Affordable Care Act, are 29 million citizens still uninsured and many struggle to pay copayments and deductibles? Equal rights, anyone? 

Why are veterans locked into a system that fails to meet their needs while their health care providers flee? Interminable waiting for vital services, anyone? 

Senator Bernie Sanders laid out a plan for a single-payer “Medicare for All” system. Although I'm not in total agreement with it—the employer:employee premium payment ratio is too high—its certainly on the right track. In addition, the VA system and Medicaid should be dissolved and incorporated into the universal system.

Simplify, anyone?