William R. Smith: Duping Democrats in District 2 Since 2008

Last week I spent several hours on two occasions talking with William "Butch" Smith who won the Democratic primary against Ronnie Richards. I wanted to understand "why"? Why does he hijack election after election so that Ohio 2nd district citizens have no voice in Washington?

Butch is a nice old truck driver with rambling thoughts punctuated by a deadly cough. He shares a home in Pike County with his elderly mother and tons of cats. He seemed to be angry at the Democratic Party ("they don't respect me") and I can see why he's mad as they will not endorse him. Butch quizzed me on my positions and shared a few of his own, admitting that he is conservative and doesn't have a website because he is computer illiterate. Though he seems quite intelligent, he's under the misunderstanding that Congressmen only work 84 days a year so he could expect a part-time job for a large salary. "I'm just trying to survive", he said...

I asked him if he would withdraw his candidacy so a real progressive candidate could challenge Tea Party Brad Wenstrup and become the Washington voice for the citizens of District 2. I informed Butch, as he is now the only person I know in Pike County, if he volunteered working hard for my campaign he'd be in a good position to be considered for a job on my "home team" for constituent relations. He might indeed have a part-time job and could stay in Pike County with his mother and his cats. I thought that suggestion was WIN-WIN. It certainly would be a WIN for 700,000+ folks in Southern Ohio.

But Butch won't back down from his candidacy. He's been doing this since 2008. He enjoys the attention and he "sticks it" to the Democratic Party. As for 700,000 disenfranchised citizens? Once again they don't win.