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About Dr. Janet



Dr. Janet has a proud history of serving the women and veterans of Southern Ohio.
As a physician, Dr. Janet learned to listen compassionately, empathize with those of differing opinions, research and distill complex issues into workable solutions, and make important decisions in stressful situations.

Demonstrable record of creativity, collaboration, and relatability to develop and implement solutions


Track Record

Gynecologic Physician and Surgeon

Volunteer Veteran Outreach Coordinator, Event planner, ACA Instructor, and Photographer 

Activist/founder of the USA Works Community 

Founder of Tri-State Kayakers 

Team member of New Richmond Economic Development 


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Provide value to taxpayers and small business for their community investment

Promote progressive ideals like affordable quality healthcare for all and a living wage for working families 

Working EVERHARD for the people of Ohio's District 2, my #1 priority



We the People working together...

*to bring back power from the 1% to the rest of us

*to ensure our families' education, safety, health, and wealth

*to demand integrity from public servants and each other

*to care for our neighbors next door and around the globe

*to learn to tread lightly on our planet

*to realize our pledge of liberty and justice for ALL



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